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MOKOSH ICON anti-cellulite gift set is the most effective combination of active ingredients contained in the balm with manual treatment. These two elements complement each other and increase the power of each other. Body massage brush improves microcirculation and removal of toxins, exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for application anti-cellulite specialist balm MOKOSH ICON Vanilla with thyme. The balm contains active substances that regulate the metabolism of the adipose tissue, activate the blood circulation, reduce swelling and has firming effect on the skin. 

By choosing the MOKOSH ICON anti-cellulite gift set you get:

  • Anti-cellulite specialist balm  MOKOSH ICON Vanilla with thyme 180 ml
    Balm contains extracts of tragolana, boletus, lemon and goldenrod, which have anti-cellulite, firming and anti-swelling effects. The root extract of the tragacanthra regulates the metabolism of the adipose tissue by activating the triglyceride degradation process and inhibiting the enzyme activity associated with the formation of fat. The Runic extract activates blood circulation and increases venous resistance. Extracts of lemon peel and goldenrod oil reduce the permeability of blood vessels, thus they act anti-oedematous. In addition, green coffee oil and bergamot extract support the reduction of cellulite. Extract of dried cinnamon bark, lime skin extract, tonic odor extract and vanilla have a strong antioxidant effect, while the extract of the Damask rose extract slows down the aging process and soothes irritation. Oils: argan, macadamia, safflower and jojoba affect the nutrition, hydration and regeneration of the skin and sealing the hydrolipid coat.

34% off: Body massage brush

  • Body massage brush made of natural agave fiber and high quality beech wood. It can be used both dry and wet. The dry brush is harder and sharper, while after wetting it's softer - ideal for people with more sensitive skin. Massaging the body with a brush increases the blood circulation of the skin, smoothes and firms it, exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the application of skincare cosmetics. After applying the brush, the skin better absorbs active ingredients and microelements contained in balms, elixirs and serums, thanks to which they work more effectively. The brush also helps to eliminate lymphoedema and will be great as a supplement to anti-cellulite treatment.
  • Ecological gift box

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