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Blueberry wax

Blueberry wax has an oiling effect and significantly reduces water loss from the skin by creating a semi-occlusive layer on its surface. Because the absorption of this wax through the skin is slowed down, it extends the care effect. On the other hand, it is much lighter and gentler on the skin than other waxes.

Dead Sea Salt

Fine-grained salt from the Dead Sea is used to produce all Mokosh body scrubs. This salt contains an extremely large amount of valuable micronutrients, including: magnet, potassium, calcium, iron and manganese, thanks to which it nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Small grains of salt massage the body and improve microcirculation, as well as exfoliate dead skin cells. Salt from the Dead Sea has a disinfecting, regenerating and detoxifying effect.

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the most expensive and most valued oils in the world. It contains an unusually large number of natural antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals, as well as numerous compounds with antioxidant, regenerative and radioprotective effects, including carotenoids, polyphenols, phytosterols, vitamin E. Because of its properties it is called "liquid gold of Morocco". Argan oil MOKOSH is deprived of unpleasant smell due to the luxury treatment in cosmetology - steam deodorization with water.

Centella Asiatica Extract

A centella or centella asiatica is the plant used in Ayurveda. The extract of this valuable plant works multilevel: it moisturizes the skin, makes it elastic by stimulating the dermis to produce collagen, smoothes and "pushes out" wrinkles. Pennywort also works great on fresh scars (also stretch marks) and prevents the creation of unsightly hypertrophy.

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Chasteberry extract

The chasteberry is a source of valuable active ingredients and antioxidants. In Mokosh cosmetics, the extract from this plant is found in the Bronzing Body and Face Balm Orange with cinnamon. It is part of the innovative MelanoBronze raw material, which stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, causing that our complexion will naturally become darker.

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Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud rich in active ingredients such as magnet, potassium, calcium, iron and others is commonly used in slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. The elements contained in it restrict the secretion of sebum and improve the condition of elastin and collagen fibers, which is why the mud will be very well suited for the care of oily skin, with a tendency to imperfections and lacking firmness.

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Dead Sea Mud

Dihydroksyaceton DHA

Dihydroxyacetone DHA is an organic substance from the group of carbohydrates that has coloring properties on the skin, which is why it works so well in the formulations of self-tanning and bronzing balms. DHA used by Mokosh is obtained from vegetable oilseed rape.

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Alga Laminaria Digitata

Laminaria Digitata algae extract, due to the richness of active ingredients, primarily iodine, has a firming effect, moisturizing, regenerating and detoxifying effect on the skin. Alga Laminaria Digitata also contains alginic acid, laminarin, mannitol, vitamins and microelements, making the skin nourished and tense. This extract is found in the sea salt Mokosh, which is intended for use in the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, lack of firmness.

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Ginseng root extract

Ginseng extract due to the strong antioxidant action delays the aging processes protecting against the influence of free oxygen radicals, which are responsible for premature aging of cells. It has revitalizing and regenerating properties. It contains triterpene saponins (called ginsenosides), glycosides, vitamins (B1, B2, C), proteoglycan-panaxans, amino acids. Recommended for people exposed to negative environmental factors (stress, UV radiation, environmental pollution). Ginseng extract inhibits the harmful effects of androgens on the skin. It smoothes the skin and moisturizes the face.

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is often called a beauty elixir. Strongly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, helps maintain its firmness and elasticity. It is thanks to unsaturated fatty acids that affect the functioning of membranes and intercellular spaces - they maintain an adequate level of hydration, prevent water loss through the outer layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an organic polysaccharide that occurs in all organisms. In Mokosh cosmetics, we use Hyaceramidyl, which is a new, anhydrous form of hyaluronic acid enclosed in the form of nanosomes together with ceramides and squalane. The effective penetration of the epidermis is ensured by the appropriate structure of the nanosomes similar to the structure of mambran cells, as well as the lipophilic character of the molecules. In the deeper layers of the skin, the nanosomes break down and gradually release the hyaluron acid. As a result of contact with water in the tissue hyaluronan begins to swell and increases in volume. Thus, in addition to the typical moisturizing effect, the raw material also pushes out the wrinkles mechanically and, as a result, improves the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

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Hypoallergenic lanolin

Lanolin is a fully natural raw material obtained from the fat layer found on sheep skin from Australia and New Zealand. Lanolin Mokosh of pharmaceutical quality is hypoallergenic and highly purified. It also has a certificate attesting to the friendly and gentle treatment of sheep during the process of obtaining fat from their skin. Lanolin has many uses in cosmetics and is often irreplaceable. Is known for its moisturizing, softening and soothing properties. Quickly and effectively soothes irritations and dry skin, promotes healing of minor wounds, protects the skin from adverse external factors, such as wind, moisture or frost.

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Flax extract

The good properties of flax are certainly known to every woman who leads a healthy lifestyle. Flax extract perfectly moisturizes and firms the dry skin, as well as cures irritations. It contains, among others, large amounts of oil and unsaturated fatty acids: linolenic and linoleic. Flax also contains protein, zinc and vitamin E - called the vitamin of youth.

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Squalane obtained from olive oil has the form of an odorless, colorless oily liquid, soluble in fats. It absorbs quickly, does not leave greasy feeling and is classified as light oils. Squalane affects the maintenance of adequate hydrolipid balance on the skin. It prevents the transepidermal escape of water from the skin, has a protective effect against bacteria, fungi, UV radiation and other external factors. It also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, squalane has the ability to preserve odors and accelerates and strengthens the transport of active ingredients into the skin.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a edible vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of Shea, Karite fruit trees used in kitchen and cosmetics since at least the fourteenth century. It has a whole range of valuable ingredients positively affecting the skin, they are mainly fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamins of youth A, E, F, providing the skin with ingredients necessary for the production of collagen. Shea butter is very delicate, friendly for infants, children and pregnant women.

Raspberry seed oil

Raspberry seed oil contains a lot of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are responsible for maintaining a proper water balance of the skin, giving a feeling of softness and smoothness. In addition, it contains many other unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins A and E. Thanks to the richness of active ingredients, raspberry seed oil relieves irritation, relaxes and rebuilds damaged epidermal layer. At the same time it is important that it does not clog pores, and even acts antibacterial, therefore it can be used for the care of all skin types, even with problems. It is also worth adding that this oil has a UV protection, some experts believe that comparable to SPF 8.

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