Body massage brush


Body massage brush made of natural agave fiber and high quality beech wood. It can be used both dry and wet. The dry brush is harder and sharper, while after wetting it's more softer - ideal for people with more sensitive skin.

Massaging the body with a brush increases the blood circulation of the skin, smoothes and firms it, exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the application of skincare cosmetics. After using the brush, the skin better absorbs active ingredients and microelements contained in balms, elixirs and serums thanks to which they work more effectively. The brush also helps to eliminate lymphoedema and will be great as a supplement to anti-cellulite treatment.

How to use
: perform a full-body wet or dry massage, starting from your feet and move upwards. For a complete effect, use the brush twice a week. 

: after each use carefully dry the brush and keep in a dry place. You can wash it with soap and warm water, if necessary.

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