Carnallite Dead Sea Salt


Carnallite Dead Sea Salt is the most precious of all the salt types  of the area. Its 100% natural, highly mineralised, with proven  therapeutic effects. It abounds with magnesium and potassium, but  also contains calcium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and other  elements. The magnesium found in the carnallite salt is ranked  among the most precious bio-elements. It’s a natural anti-oxidant  of regenerating, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.  Magnesium-potassium salt is widely used in cellulite, psoriasis, AD  and acne treatment.

Cosmetic effects:

•Smoothes and nourishes the skin

•Helps diminish physical fatigue

•Alleviates stress and tension

•Speeds up toxin excretion

Major elements content:

•Magnesium (Mg) – 80 300.0 mg/kg

•Potassium (K) – 127 400.0 mg/kg

•Calcium (Ca) – 1180.0 mg/kg

•Iron (Fe) – 3.7 mg/kg

•Manganese (Mn) – 1.4 mg/kg

•Strontium (Sr) – 18.1 mg/kg

Suggested use:

Cosmetic bath, therapeutic (saline) bath.

100% Vegan.

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