Fig pleasure face and body set

47.25 53.00
Discover the complex face and body care set from the MOKOSH fig line. The set includes light, velvety and smoothing Fig face cream, nourishing, moisturizing and mild Fig face wash gel and LIMITED FIG body butter.

  • Smoothing face cream Fig 60 ml, a light formula for regular care of all skin types. Made from natural oils and extracts, it has strong moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing properties. It provides a matte finish and is perfect under the make-up.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing face cleanser Fig 100 ml, a soft texture that gently removes impurities from the face, leaving it moisturized, soft and smooth without any feeling of tightness.
  • Body butter Fig 60 ml, nourishing body butter composed of precious, cold pressed vegetable oils and Shea butter with the scent of figs.
  • Ecological box with filling and gift protection. (If you don't need a gift protection - please send us a note about it).

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