Cedar essential oil


Cedar oil has antiseptic, healing, anifungal, purifying and astringent properties. It soothes irritations, inflammations, itching and dry skin. It regulates seborrhoea, helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria. It protects the skin against contaminations coming from the environment as well as toxins. It facilitates wound healing, eliminates muscle and joint pains. It soothes cough and asthma. It stimulates hair growth, improves circulation in the skin on the head and helps in treating dandruff.

Use and effects:

Baths, air purification, massage and compresses in states of increased nervous strains as well as hyperactivity. It increases concentration, relaxes the body and relieves stress. Used in air purification, cedar oil refreshes the interior, prevents mould growth and repels insects. It positively affects the quality of sleep.

100% Vegan.

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