Spicy orange set


An aromatic, citrus and spicy set for body care with bitter orange flower water and argan oil. The set wrapped in an eco gift packaging includes: bronzing face and body balm Orange and cinnamon, which gives the skin a gentle shade of tan and at the same time deeply moisturizes it, body salt scrub Orange and cinnamon, which removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin smooth, moisturized and beautifully smelling, and argan oil for nails, liquid gold counteracting brittle nails and dryness of the skin.

This gift set contains :

  • Bronzing body and face balm Orange and cinnamon (180 ml)
  • Body salt scrub Orange and cinnamon (300 g)
  • Argan oil for nails (12 ml)
  • Eco box with filling

The total price of individual products and gift packaging: 

51,50 EUR

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