Dead Sea mud


Dead Sea mud is commonly used in slimming and anti-cellulite  treatments because it speeds up cell metabolism and fights toxins.  Thanks to the unique components of the mud, the skin gets well  hydrated, its elasticity and tension are restored, the condition of  the elastin and collagenous fibres is improved. The element  ingredients of the mud facilitate acne therapy by purifying the  skin, absorbing excess sebum, contracting open pores and soothing  irritation. Dead Sea mud is proved helpful in treating psoriasis, AD  and rheumatic diseases.

Cosmetic effects on the skin:




•Fights toxins


Suggested use:

  • Face and body mask – mix the mud with water to achieve the form of paste (face mask), or thick suspension (body mask). No metal accessories should be used while mixing mud-based masks.
  • Bath – pour some mud under the warm flowing tap water.

100% Vegan.


  • Maris Limus

    Dead Sea mud powder

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