Eye mask MOKOSH x NIE/BO

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A new eye mask made of soft velvet for all those who love an afternoon nap. It allows you to calm down, relax, isolate yourself from the world. At home, on the plane, on the train - it's small, very light and you can always keep it handy.

All the fabrics are manufactured in Poland, in accordance with the principles of sustainable industry. The eye sleeping masks are made by a seamstress in a small town near Krakow, with a beautiful view and wonderful idyllic atmosphere.

NIE/BO studios
have been created by Kasia Cichecka and Ania Węgrzyniak - both of them are designers by education and passion. They both graduated from Krakow's Industrial Forms.

The eye sleeping mask can be cleaned chemically or gently washed by hand.

The eye mask is available only at mokosh.pl and mokoah.eu. 

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