Green clay


Green clay is excavated from deep siliceous-aluminium deposits. It  contains a lot of macro- and micro-elements which are critical for  the human body in their easily absorbable form. It shows strong  degreasing, matting, purifying and regenerating properties. It can  be safely applied to all skin types, including the sensitive one.

Cosmetic effects on the skin:

•Rejuvenates, acts as an anti-oxidant

•Absorbs toxins



•Fights bacteria


Suggested use:

  • Face and body mask – mix the clay with water or hydrolate to  achieve the form of paste (face mask), or thick suspension (body  mask). If the mask is mixed with the use of water, 1-2 drops of  100% essential oil may be added. No metal accessories should be  used while mixing clay-based masks.
  • Bath – pour some clay under the warm flowing tap water.

          100% Vegan.


        • Illite

          Certified organic ingredient

        • Montmorillonite

          Certified organic ingredient

        • Kaolin

          Certified organic ingredient

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