Lavender essential oil


100 % lavender essential oil has proven positive effects upon the limbic  system, especially as regards amygdalae and hippocampus, acting  as a stress-relief. The main component of the oil – linalool –  inhibits acetylcholine affinity and blocks ion channels, which  facilitates falling asleep and calms down.


A bath, air aromatisation, a massage and wraps in the case of fungi-based problems, as the oil effectively blocks the growth of fungi spores. It may also be used to help prevent and cure colds.

Suggested use:

  • an aroma-therapeutic bath
  • an aroma-therapeutic massage
  • an aroma-therapeutic wrap
  • air aromatisation

100% Vegan.



  • Lavendula Angustifolia Flower Oil

    Lavender essential oil

  • Linalool (from essential oil)

    Essential oil component

  • Limonene (from essential oil)

    Essential oil component

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