MOKOSH icon no. 1 gift set


Wondering what to buy for a gift? The best will be one that is associated with the highest quality, practical application and conscious approach to care. We present a set of visionary collection of MOKOSH icon, whose fragrance - just like in perfumes - is released in phases, and it is made up of natural botanical extracts that actively work on our skin. 

By choosing the MOKOSH icon set no. 1 you get:

  • Body butter MOKOSH ICON Vanilla with thyme 120 ml
    Nourishing, regenerating and antioxidant body butter MOKOSH icon created to provide the skin with maximum hydration, renewal and firming. Butter contains an extremely large number of plant extracts that nourish the skin, stimulate renewal processes and protect it against free radicals. Green coffee extract and bergamot extract helps reduce cellulite. Extract of dried cinnamon bark, lime skin, tonic-scented extract and vanilla are a strong antioxidant, while the extract of damask rose slows down the aging process and soothes irritations. Natural vegetable oils: argan, macadamia, saffron, jojoba and shea butter moisturize and regenerate the skin.

    FREE: Body salt scrub MOKOSH ICON
     Vanilla with thyme MINI 30 ml
    Smoothing, cleansing and tensioning scrub with Mokosh ICON is designed to provide the skin with multidimensional care. The mineral-rich salt from the Dead Sea massages the body, improves circulation and removes dead skin cells. Natural, cold pressed vegetable oils: argan, macadamia, jojoba and safflower, moisturize the skin, rebuilding the hydrolipid coat. Shea butter softens the skin, and green coffee oil and bergamot extract helps reduce cellulite. The peeling contains a wealth of plant extracts, such as: dried cinnamon bark extract, lime skin, tonic extract and vanilla, which have antioxidant properties. In addition, the damask rose extract slows down the aging process and soothes irritations.
  • Ecological box 

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