Power of Coffee & tobacco face and body set

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Discover the refined combination of fragrance - green coffee with tobacco wrapped in Patchouli essential oil, which makes the collection more perfumed-like.

  • Moisturizing face & body balm Green coffee & tobacco 180ml, will properly caress and moisturize the skin of the body and face, avoiding the necessity of using separate cosmetics.
  • Moisturizing hand lotion Melon & cucumber 100 ml, will immediately moisturize and regenerate your hands, keeping them in perfect condition
  • Smoothing face cream Fig 15 ml, a light formula for regular care of all skin types. Developed on the basis of natural oils and extracts, it has strong moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing properties. It provides a matte finish and is perfect under the make-up.
  • Ecological box with filling and gift protection. (If you don't need a gift protection - please send us a note about it).

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