Red clay


Red clay is rich in silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium,  sodium. The clay is suitable to care for all skin types, even the ones  that are sensitive, superficially vascularised and prone to the  formation of rosacea. It prevents blood vessel dilation and ensures  that they are sealed. It also purifies the skin off toxins and  normalises sebum secretion; therefore it perfectly suits oily and  mixed complexion care. When used regularly, it improves skin tone  and makes it look as if slightly tanned.

Cosmetic effects :

•Reduces “spider veins”

•Purifies and mattes

•Subtly tightens pores

•Alleviates the symptoms of rosacea

•Improves skin tone

Suggested use:

Face and body mask – mix the clay with water or hydrolate to achieve the form of paste (face mask), or thick suspension (body mask). If the mask is mixed with the use of water, 1-2 drops of 100% essential oil may be added. No metal accessories should be used while mixing clay-based masks.
Bath – pour some clay under the warm flowing tap water.

100% Vegan.


  • Illite

    Certified organic ingredient

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