Regenerating set


REGENERATING SET is a comprehensive face and body care for all ages. The cosmetics included in the set will allow you to make a wonderfully fragrant and effective home care. The set includes products from the melon &cucumber line with a refreshing aroma and one-ingredient face and body care products: argan oil and white clay. Included argan oil for nail care as a gift.

This set contains:

  • Body salt scrub Melon & cucumber (300 g): refreshing peeling with a refreshing aroma thanks to Dead Sea salt content cleanses and smoothes the skin. Shea butter and oils: jojoba and sweet almonds also moisturize, gently lubricate and nourish.
  • Body balm Melon & cucumber (180 ml): nourishing and firming balm created on the basis of natural oils and plant extracts with a refreshing aroma of melon and cucumber. Its composition includes argan oil, baobab oil, jojoba oil and Asian blackhead extract and vitamin E.
  • 100% argan oil (100 ml): An extremely valuable oil with universal use, commonly known as "Liquid Moroccan Gold". It contains an extremely large number of natural antioxidants, protecting the body against free radicals, as well as numerous compounds with regenerative and UV effects. Moisturizes, regenerates, nourishes and slows skin aging.
  • Kaolin white clay (180 ml): ideal for cleaning and smoothing face and body masks and rejuvenating baths. It makes the skin elastic, nourishes and detoxifies. It is characterized by a light and silky consistency. Recommended especially for delicate, dry, sensitive skin prone to irritation and mature skin.
  • Argan oil for nails (12 ml): a handy and useful version of our precious oil in a bottle with a brush for hand and nail care
  • Ecological cardboard box.

The total price of individual products: 78 EUR

The price of the set: 72 EUR

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