Rose youth face set

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A comprehensive face care treatment with lots of precious extracts and active ingredients derived from the unique Rose and Blueberry line combined with the latest Oats and Bamboo line.

  • Firming anti-aging face cream Rose & blueberry 60 ml, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, and improves the condition of the skin, providing nourishment and regeneration
  • Lifting face mask Oat & bamboo 15ml, NEW regenerate and rejuvenate for everyone. Discover the lifting effects you can observe right after the first use.
  • Active face scrub Rose & blueberry 15 ml, will thoroughly remove dead epidermis, cleanse, smooth, brighten and improve skin tone.
  • Ecological box with filling and gift protection. (If you don't need a gift protection - please send us a note about it).

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