Rosemary essential oil


100% essential oil of rosemary is one of the most valuable in aromatherapy. It is used in the therapy of psychic tension, physical and mental exhaustion, apathy, because it stimulates the brain. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties and is  found effective to fight Priopionibacterium acnes, the bacterium  responsible for acne.


A bath, air aromatisation, a massage and wraps in the case of  fungi-based skin problems, or colds. It has strong stimulating  properties; therefore, it is used to fight fatigue and apathy.

Suggested use:

•an aroma-therapeutic bath

•an aroma-therapeutic massage

•an aroma-therapeutic wrap

•air aromatization

100% Vegan.




  • Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil

    Rosemary essential oil

  • Limonene (from essential oil)

    Essential oil component

  • Linalool (from essential oil)

    Essential oil component

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