Travel set body Melon & cucumber


Are you traveling a lot? Wondering what care products to package? Start your holidays till now, because at MOKOSH we thought about it for you! We present the TRAVEL SET set Melon & cucumber for comprehensive body care.

The content of a small ecological wash bag: 

  • Body salt scrub Melon & cucumber in 30 ml version, which thanks to the content of valuable oils not only smoothes the skin, but also moisturizes and gently moisturizes the skin.
  • Body butter Melon & cucumber in 30 ml version, which nourishes the skin and improves its hydrolipid barrier. It will be your night necessary if you plan to sunbathe, bathe in swimming pools or in salt water or when the skin will be exposed to strong winds and low temperatures.
  • Body balm Melon & cucumber 30 ml, which will nourish and firm the skin thanks to the basis of natural oils and plant extracts. Its light consistency will check before any sudden exit.
  • Nutritive body elixir Melon & cucumber 10 ml, which emphasizes the color of your skin, intensively nourishes it and protects against free radicals.

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